Saturday, June 2, 2007

Using God as a Trump Card

If you have never played Rook, a trump card is one that beats all the other cards. So we're clear on that.

It annoys me when someone tries to use God as a trump card. An example: "I know that this is right because God laid it on my heart." What can you say to that? Honestly?

I've known of an adulteress to say, "God just wants me to be happy." Or "God led me to this man, so I can't go back to my husband."

So God led you to break one of His commandments and the vow you made to your husband? Talk about self justification!

Then there are people who say that God laid it on their heart to do this or that as far as a business decision, what car to buy, school to attend, etc. And again, there's no arguing with them because in their minds you are arguing with God. So if their plan falls through, then was God wrong?

So the point is this--don't use God as a trump card. God gave us brains to think. That way we can make our own decisions without blaming Him when we make the wrong ones. Our mistakes are our mistakes. And no, God probably did not "lay that on your heart." Even the disciples had to toss dice to choose the replacement for Judas (see Acts 1) so I'm not convinced that you are on a more direct wave length to God than the disciples.

There, I said it.

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