Friday, January 7, 2011

Great Article on Marriage By David Code

David Code is a writer for and is an Episcopal minister. His article, The Real Reason Couples Divorce, raises some interesting points that will probably step on the toes of many of us.

He starts the article off by pointing to an interesting tidbit about rats: If a scientist places two rats on a metal grid and then passes an electric current through the grid, every time the rats feel an electric shock they will attack each other.

Likewise with humans, he says, life gets stressful, we instinctively pick a fight with our spouses.

He's right. When we're annoyed with the world around us, we'll often try to find someone to blame who we can lash out at. Even when it's someone who deserves a lot more from us. So calm down and ask yourself why you're really upset. Find your temper instead of losing it and enjoy being around someone who's on your side.

With that in mind, here's a great article by Joe Beam on marriage communication. It's a great reality check and strategy article for communicating with the one you love.

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